We Offer Fair and Competitive Exchange Rates

At The Exchange House in Niagara Falls, ON, we have the most accommodating and knowledgeable employees to help you get a better value for your trade.

Basic Services

We offer day-to-day personal exchange services to tourists who are visiting or leaving Canada. We also specialize in USD and Euro currency, and accept cash or wire transfers for your convenience.

To get quick cash, access our 24-hour ATMs on-site at every location. Our machines accept all major debit and credit cards, as well as issue US or Canadian currency.

Mobile Services

We serve as expert financial advisors, and will travel to meet you to discuss large wholesale purchases. To provide you with the best options, we analyze the market, do a financial plan, and then work to offer you better than bank rates. We also can forward foreign exchange contracts, complete wire transfers, and give you independent foreign exchange financial reviews.

Wholesale Services

When purchasing big-ticket items, including valuables over $1,000 like real estate, vehicles, small businesses, or even a vacation package in Canada, let’s help you save even more with our best-value wholesale exchange rates. By studying historical trends in the currency market, we are able to make smart, informed decisions about the right time to make an exchange, possibly saving our customers large amounts of money.

Become a savvy business traveler or Canadian investor by partnering with us to help you better understand fluctuations and trends in the marketplace.

Many FOREX traders are interested in one-off deals, but with us, you get a long-term partner you can count on for the best rates during bulk transactions.

Exchange House currency exchange
Exchange House currency exchange
Exchange House currency exchange

To learn more about our services, contact us today at 905-358-0951.